I was on the first Restylane Skinbooster training workshop which was held in London on 28th June , 2005.

One of my favourite Skin Treatments for natural glowing, radiant and hydrated skin!

I have been offering this treatment to my lovely patients ever since.
It takes time to build up a hydrated and radiant skin, but it’s worth waiting for!
Hyaluronic acid is a fundamental water-binding substance in our skin that preserves its hydration and youthfulness. If we have dry, dull or dehydrated tired-looking skin, restylane Skinboosters can restore the natural composition of the skin, boost hydration and improve elasticity.

Our natural hyaluronic acid in our bodies form long molecule chains.
This naturally occurring hyaluronic acid forms and degrades quickly in 24-48 hours. As we get older we produce less natural hyaluronic acid in our skin.
Restylane Skinboosters contain hyaluronic acid which is cross-linked so that it will not degrade at the same rate. As a result Restylane Skinboosters will provide a long lasting hydrating effect in the skin.

This treatment will give a youthful, hydrated, glow to the skin improving its hydration, quality and elasticity.

The treatment comes in 2 different strengths – regular and light. I use the regular for older dehydraded skin on the face. I usually use the regular to treat hands also.

I use the light for younger skins,for necks and the décolletage. Sundamage and aging take their toll on the skin.

Also frequent handwashing dries out the hands.
By injecting micro-droplets just below the skin surface, Restylane Skinboosters restores the natural composition of the skin, boosts hydration and improves elasticity.

For optimal results I recommend a treatment programme with three initial treatments 2-4 weeks apart followed by a maintenance treatment every 4 – 6 months.


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